Friday, September 17, 2010

breakfast is calling!

My sweet little goose barely ate any of this...
I have to remind myself often these days...he's 3!!!
it's such a hard age of transition and learning...for mommy too! He has successful completed potty training, he's going to kids' day out twice a week (loves it) but we still wrestle with staying in church, sharing with baby brother, no pushing, no hitting, no yelling, he is asleep right now-has been since 2:30 or so. Why? because Mommy got everyone in the car because no one was cooperating. We drove down the interstate and by 3 or 4 exits both boys were out cold. Mommy got a much needed break and both boys got some beauty or should I say handsome rest. They need it...they're babies and they need to relax, regroup and re-energize themselves too...even if it is forced upon them with a relaxing ride in the car. 2 hours of peace and quiet...oh wait I hear the baby!

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