Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbyn and Bynto lunches and more

I packed lunch for my husband in our Goodbyn Original and lunch for Adrian in his Bynto.  Husband got hummus (in the hippo) and naan bread, a mini chocolate croissant, homemade trail mix, pita chips, tomato (my dad's garden), feta and kalamata salad and salami.  Adrian had apple sauce, dino ham and cheese, train graham crackers and marshmallows, red and green grapes, and cheese crackers.
We recently discovered an International Foods Market that opened a couple months ago in our neighborhood. Oh my. I met my husband in Romania. This store brings back so many memories...good feta, European coffees and chocolates, Mediterranean olives, cookies. I'll be back. The feta was amazing!
Kind of looks like an armadillo, huh? I am from Texas:) The eyes were on clearance at Hobby Lobby...one of those Wilton sets to make animal faces.
My package from All things for Sale came in! 
I'm looking forward to a couple cute themed lunches with rockets and robots, planes and cars, elephants and bears... my two year old squealed with me when we opened the package:) 

And in October, my sweet Adrian has to go see a pediatric ophthalmologist. the earliest appointment was October 10. I called in mid August!
He failed his eye screening at his pediatrician's office by a long shot. One eye is significantly worse than the other, so after talking to my mom and other moms, it seems he will most likely have to wear a patch. So, pirate themed goodies to get us through the days ahead is what I'm planning. My sweet mom already bought him a pirate book. He loves his Ludee. 

Bento Lunch

Used in this lunch...


avalarue said...

Okay. Savannah thinks that dragon looks more like a possum than an armadillo! And she's been following one on the fence every night this week.

I think I'd like to try a Bento lunch some day, but with sissy foods like bologna and cheese! Glad you found your International Food store and that it's so close to your house.

Jenni Price said...

I'm sorry to hear about your son's eye exam. I've heard recently about using an eye patch over the good eye...in order to strengthen the bad eye right?

Very cute food picks by the way!

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