Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dinner...with bento leftovers

Dinner is served...

This is what is looked like first...

I'm a mommy of a 5 year old and almost 3 year old...boys, so I can't always take my time in the kitchen. I've learned from a few cooking blogs and tv shows to cook in stages. For instance, I cooked off a 1/2 pound of ground beef last night, used some of it for sloppy joes and some tonight for quesadillas. I make a small batch of guacamole for snacks, and add to it if needed. I keep some frozen vegetables on hand, like corn. I threw half the bag in a hot skillet with a little butter, add 3 sliced tomatoes (from my mom's garden...still growing!) and it's done...about 2 minutes of my time. The a quick version of spicy slaw. Half a bag of slaw mix, 3 onions diced, lime juice (I was already squeezing it for the guacamole), a little chili powder and salt, and I'm done. My boys were playing outside while I made this...maybe 20 minutes, but I can see them from my kitchen.
I often get asked or criticized about wasting when I use cookie cutters for sandwiches for bentos. For the most part, the birds and squirrels get the crust. It's cheaper than birdseed:) The meat usually goes in a sandwich for me and the cheese...perfect for quesadillas or nacho night! It melted. No one cares if it's the scraps!


Jenni Price said...

Wow, dinner in stages and in 20 that sounds pretty awesome to me!

Sarah Robinson said...

I bet that saves you a lot of time, Meredith! Great idea.
I'm a new follower, and saved one of your recipes--Christmas crunch! Looks great and I cannot wait to make it this year :)
Thanks for sharing,
Sarah @ Leaving a Legacy

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