Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Family Bento...Zoo Day

 The weather was beyond perfect this morning for South Texas. I heard the forecast last night, so I packed Bentos at 11, so we could get out the door before the heat set in. Really, last week it was 103 by 3 and this morning it was still right around 80 degrees when we left at noon. Ahhhmazing! 
The boys had apples cored with a mini square cutter. I saw this idea recently on BentOnBetterLunches. Clever! I squeezed lime juice on them last night and they were still bright and white this morning! They also had carrot sticks, peanut butter and fig jam roll ups, animal crackers, cheese sticks and fruit snacks. The adults had PB & Fig Jam and Cheese and Salami sandwiches, extra pepperoni, homemade trail mix, a Moldovan Walnut cookie (just found these at a new International Foods Market in our neighborhood). My husband is from Romania and these are really close to something his mom makes!!
We also had hummus in the hippo cup with carrots and pita chips. I surrounded the hummus with ice packs to keep it extra chilled. It worked great!
My boys ate half of this at the zoo around 10, and the other half when we got home...snack and lunch all packed in one! Easy!!
The boys lunches were packed in their Goodbyn Green Monster Insulated Bags with a ice block in the pocket to keep everything cold. Our Goodbyn was packed in a large insulated bag I bought from World Market a couple years ago, with room enough for two water bottles too.

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