Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Mimmie's table--and a riddle

My Mimmie was a sweet southern belle. She adored my mom, her only granddaughter, so that made me pretty special in her eyes. She taught me how to play cards and showed me the Louisiana bayou. She had many beautiful things and I am blessed to have a few pieces in my house. My mom has given me this card table, her dresser and mirror (it still smells like her when I open the drawers) and an antique deep velvet blue bench.   I have a few pieces of china, silver, and linens, but mostly I have a lot of wonderful memories of her.
 It looks very pretty with my tea pot, Johnson Brother's British castles cream and sugar and dessert plates paired with Johnson Brother's Regency White cups and saucers

   Underneath this cute little card table...can you guess what the marks are? 
I'll give you a hint...this is where my great grandmother and her friends played Bridge! 
One of her friends was the namesake for Fresca (the grapefruit soda) but I'd have to ask my mom if she played Bridge with my Mimmie.
Letting a little sunlight come in...the Mason pitcher I used as a centerpiece belonged to her. The napkins, forks and coffee spoons were  either hers or my grandmothers. I'll show you more close ups and give you the answer to the bottom of the table riddle tomorrow night when I post this weeks tablescape!



The lovely things you got from your Mima are priceless! All the love and use she gave them to. You're very lucky. Come visit so you can see my tablecloth. Things from my family and my hubby's are a treasure to me.


avalarue said...

Did you lay on the floor to get that picture?

This is a great trivia contest! I wonder if anyone will guess.

Meredith said...

I did lay on the floor! and both boys were looking at me like I was quite the weirdo mommy!!!

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