Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love a good find!!!

Seriously cute muffin cups for only $2!!!!
 There are a lot of things I don't like about living in Texas...(South Texas)...no snow..or at least not a LOT of it, I know many of you don't like snow..., seasonal allergies, the summer heat for 9 months out of the year:), but I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE my HEB. HEB is a Texas grocery store. I didn't realize that it is not in the whole state, so sorry for you Dallas folks. I could easily go to more than 10 different ones in my city, so I am blessed! The one I frequent the most is a huge store with a great culinary section, great breads, cheeses, meats etc and a lot of organic produce. 
I found these today! I went on my regular grocery run because we were out of everything and yes it takes me more than an hour to do my shopping especially with my boys. We get a banana, weigh it, price it, then eat it. We look at the live lobsters on our way to the deli counter. We get our turkey, Havarti and colby Jack...along with samples...free samples...
We go look at the Mommy section...the cooking section...and today I found a whole row of new muffin cups!!! These are made by Chef Style. I just couldn't resist. I love Spring and I love muffin tin meals. The portion sizes are just right for my picky 3 year old to 'try' something and get enough nutrition along with treats. These easily fit in a plain muffin tin and make it that much cuter!!!
I only bought the green frogs and blue butterflies...the most boyish cups I could find. I know I saw pink flowers and yellow somethings..but I was so stuck on those little frogs...look at his feet! and I have TWO boys...so when I show something to one boy the other one wants it...so this mommy got TWO bc, well, I needed to shop for another 30 minutes! and I had $50 left on my HEB rewards card:)  I also bought four Iced tea goblets for $1.97 each, but they're in the dish washer!
Hobby Lobby mini Easter cookie cutters 50% off
 You probably already know that Hobby Lobby has their own line of cookie cutters and silicone bakeware. I didn't see any muffin cups, but I did see a silicone Easter egg shaped muffin tin for $6, 50% off this week...but it was pink. This set of cutters is the HL Sunny Side Up brand and it was only $2.99, and 50% off as well.
 I love Wilton, but most of their sets start at $7  for cutters and $10 for muffin cups. I was pleasantly surprised at the prices I saw today for such cute items! I was also happy to see that I don't have any of these shapes in mini cutters, so it made buying the set worth it.
I can't wait to make lunch!!!

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