Thursday, October 1, 2009

more kitchen progress

The first piece of granite went in this morning....they were early:)
I love it when workmen show up's soooo pretty and such a great workspace for the meals to come!!!!

The first coat of stain went on last night...Jacob said he would spray on the second coat today so it would be more even...such a difference that the 18 coats of red, green, peach and white that were there 5 weeks ago!

The cabinets are in. The maker / installer will return on Saturday with all things beautiful..He custom made (to match existing crown molding in kitchen) top moldings and light rails to go above and below cabinet edges. On the floor cabinets, he custom made (to match cabinet door trim) toe kicks. Can't wait!
The granite/sink installation will also happen Saturday and then all that is left is to tile the back splash on both walls..behind the sink and the range excited to have this done...

These curtains will be replaces asap. Any suggestions? I was thinking toile or something more traditional like that...these were in the house when we bought it...cute, but now they look very country with the contrast of the dark espresso stain...I love that stain so much!
I'm also looking at lighting to replace the weird track lighting above the sink and the 70s disco pendant above the alcove...
I'm debating on stained glass or wrought iron...
and lastly, I will look for hardware this weekend...I thought about using traditional rubbed bronze for most of the cabinets, then a colored accent on the armoires...maybe even just the armoire drawers...we'll see what I find!

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