Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Andrew Graham

I haven't 'written' on here in a long time...and well I'm procrastinating on something else I need to do, but I just feel the need to write.

I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant with AG. I saw my OB on Monday and because my blood pressure was elevated, I stayed an extra hour for a non stress test. After 45 minutes of monitoring AG's heart rate and movement, and seeing that my blood pressure went back down. my doctor released me and had me schedule the same thing for next week. I will not be monitored weekly until AG is ready to be delivered...sooner than later I'm sure...I'm guessing around the 20th of October.

I am so excited to have another sweet little boy in our house. We are almost finished with the kitchen remodel. My contractor promises by the middle of next week, he will be out of my house. (Yippee!) I am ready to use my kitchen again with no one in there, but family!

We are quickly getting things ready for baby Andrew. We put the bed up in the guest room/office for Ludee to nap in when she and Papa stay with Adrian. We have moved the rocker to our bedroom, where Andrew will be sleeping in the pack n play. I still need to get out the pack n play, the car seat, buy newborn diapers, clean the crib sheets from the last time Adrian slept in there and put the crib mattress back up to the top. It seems like a lot, but I already organized their closet and have clothes for both boys in certain areas, so I know what size I'm looking at.

I guess I need to take a trip to Babies R Us just to make sure I have everything I need...I'm sure there are a few things I can still pick up...some things get so worn out from the first baby that they were probably thrown away after so much use!

All in all, life is good. We continue to pray for AG's health, that God would bring him into this world at exactly the time he has destined, that my doctor and I would be sensitive to my health issues and that through it all God would be glorified in yet another miracle of life.

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