Monday, September 7, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

These are some exciting times for the Moza household...we are remodeling our kitchen for the next few weeks as we wait for baby Andrew Graham to be born.
Our house is a 1918 Craftsman's Style Bungalow with so much character, but it seemed to us that the kitchen had been neglected. Someone put in cheap cabinets and didn't even hang them straight. The sink is always dirty...90 years of stains will do it...I guess and the faucet has been grouted into the tile and sink, so there was no way to change a leaky faucet.

The built in armoires had been covered in poorly laid tile and painted over too many times to count. So, like I told Cristian...I have a love hate relationship with this house and I really want to love it.

The 12 foot ceilings and layers of crown molding in the other rooms are striking and beautifully kept. The floors are timeless. as are the stained glass windows surrounding the brick fireplace and built in original bookshelves.

But then we come to the kitchen and yes, I have room and a gas stove, but that's about all I love...the sink is never clean (I think I said that already!) I'm tired of not having a disposal. I cook and prep food way too much to not have a disposal. And, the dishes. I'm tired of having dishes not completely clean, not completely sterile and with another baby on the way who will use bottles and sippy cups...I am looking very forward to sterilizing everything in my new dishwasher instead of boiling or microwaving or whatever~

Here are the before pictures...

Apartment grade cabinets hung crooked

nightmare corner...musty underneath, dish drainer above...can't wait for a dishwasher and a corner cabinet with lazy susan shelving!!

90 year old sink, disposal bowl, leaky faucet...ready for a new granite one basin sink, granite counter tops, no leaky faucet, childproof cabinets below, and just plain clean clean clean!

see above statement!

Original Built in armoires...being stripped of 90 years of paint choices, the tile will be removed and replaces with granite.

Original Built in armoires...being stripped of 90 years of paint choices, the tile will be removed and replaces with granite. The back splash tile will be replaced with antique mirror to match the other armoire.

We will salvage the tile counters to use as outdoor tables. The frig and stove are going. We are getting new appliances including a microwave with a hood. Cabinets will be removed and replaced with hardwood Espresso stained cabinets and granite counter tops.

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