Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin patch with Ludee

I love this's just a happy time of year...the smells and memories of Fall are probably my favorite...I've had two newborns in my arms during this season and now get to watch my toddler figure out what pumpkins are...he threw a couple around the patch, but it seemed like the volunteers were used to little ones messing up their perfect rows of pumpkins!

I love how Adrian has to take it all in before he is sure things are makes for some very cute expressions on his face. He is so curious and yet very cautious when it comes to how things feel...pumpkins and dry grass are anything but soft!

These two look like they are just about my size...perfect for lunging them across the patch at other unsuspecting pumpkins!


avalarue said...

He's the cutest punkin in the whole patch!

Dawn said...

So cute! I love pumpkin patch season.

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