Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Adrian's day at the park

Since we had Andrew Graham on Friday, Cristian took off Monday and Tuesday also and spent a lot of time with him some good one on one spoiling and park fun. We are fortunate to live in an area very close to a couple really great parks. Landa Library is minutes from our house. They have a children's library, story time and a beautiful playground. Adrian loves going there, but this was the first time he really wanted to explore the park. Daddy took a LOT of pictures, at Mommy's request:) and here are a few of them...
One of the things I love about my 2 year old is his curiosity and joy of new things discovered. He finds such pleasure in reciting his alphabet, in figuring out puzzles, in building skyscrapers with is legos, and even helping Mommy put shoes back, watch the baby, put toys away etc...I love how these pictures capture his innocent curiosity for new things...slides, tunnels, wooden treelike just shows me a glimpse of how amazing God is in His creation of us and giving us such intellect...even at 2!
These pictures make my heart smile. I love that Adrian got to share a couple extra days with his Daddy...and I love that he enjoyed so much their time together.

I have to make sure I look at every little thing in this park!

Exploring with Daddy is so much fun!

I went down the BIG BOY slide!!!

What's under there???

This was the usual outing for Adrian and me...swings, swings and more swings, but my little Adrian is now a big boy...He explored all of Landa Library Park with his daddy two days in a row. It was a huge treat for Adrian to spend so much time with Daddy...all by himself and a huge treat for Mommy to get some well needed sleep!


Jessica Kok said...

what a sweet little explorer!

avalarue said...

Makes my heart smile too! What a beautiful park.

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