Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Gifts

My mom made blocks for Adrian for his first Christmas
and I thought they were so sweet.
I am on the baby shower committee
for our church. We host a shower for first time moms...
and at our church we usually have more than one mom per shower.
The last one had 3 new mommies and our shower
in May-June will have 5 new mommies.

It is a great ministry and a blessing to share
a special time of prayer and thanksgiving
with these women in our church. Gifts are optional,
but I thought it would be fun
to make something for these mommies and their little ones.
Two of the girls had names they were sharing
and one of the girls is keeping hers a secret til the birth,
so for her I came up with something are my projects.

I can't believe how SMALL he was!!!

Carly...front and back...

Baby door knocker

Ethan Mateo...front and back...

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