Monday, February 9, 2009

A really good recipe

You just need a few simple ingredients and wow...
what a winner of a dessert or breakfast coffee cake! Because of the peaches,
it almost had a cobbler like consistency
and it was gone before everyone could grab a bite!

Here is the actual link to Paula's recipe, but as to my liking...I tweeked it a little...
I didn't have blueberries on hand, so I used frozen peaches
(not quite the whole bag, chopped) and dried cranberries.
At the end, I used the left over melted butter and mixed it with half the oats
and the cinnamon sugar and sprinkled that ontop before I baked it...It was YUM-O!!!!!!

This is the first layer of biscuits, the peaches, then oats,

then I layered more peaches and the cinnamon oat mixture last...

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