Monday, February 9, 2009

My growing boy's got curls!

When I look back at Adrian's baby pictures...more like his 9 month pictures,he seemed quite bald! All of a sudden in the last couple of months,a LOT of hair has grown in...and it's so curly...especially in this humid Texas weather...I've actually cut Adrian's hair once already...when he started getting knots in the back from his restless sleeping habits.We'll see what this baby boy looks like in the next few months...he seems to be losing his 'babyness' and gaining his little boy-ness.My sweet Adrian is quite the handful...frustrates himself so when he can't figure something out,climbs up on EVERYTHING and then screams for mommyto rescue him by getting him down!

1 comment:

Barbaranne said...

Is there a bit of red tinge to his hair? Kate had those little sweaty curls too- so very cute. What fun to watch as they grow and change.

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