Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's already the middle of March!

Adrian is quite the little ham. He loves to pose for a picture...
and this is his latest posing face...I call it the squinty smile...
so squinty his teeth look crooked!

My sweet Adrian is sooo big! He comes up to my waste!
His hair is growing in rather curly still and more and more
like the color of my brother's hair...
I think Cristian's was lighter when he was little too,
but at least I know he got my curls.

Adrian's favorite things are choo choos...
he loves to see them and tell me that he has seen one!
He loves to play with his cars...or as he says caaaas,
and I think more than anything, he LOVES to climb his Ludee and Papa's stairs.
One of us still follows close behind him,
but the other night Cristian caught him half way up the staircase.
He is just so fast.
I'm sure my Ludee has some pictures on her blog of Adrian on her staircase.


Dawn said...

he is sooooooooooooooooo cute!!

Barbaranne said...

Welcome back! What a relief! Isaac did the same "squinty face' whenever we pointed a camera at him for a while, right about the same age too! So cute! We are preparing our kids for the paparazzi, aren't we?!

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