Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tablescaping while the boys are busy

Sometimes, I feel like nothing gets done and everything is just kind of hairy around here. My husband is studying for his Engineering license exam in October, but is gone every weekend til then for study sessions. My big boy started preschool again, but hated his first day because they bumped him up a class because he is an August birthday. All his friends he's talked about all summer were in the other class. In fact at outside play, his new teacher said he gravitated back to play with his friends, didn't say a word in share time, wouldn't tell them what his favorite things to do were etc...etc...etc...This boy mom wanted to crawl in a hole and cry cry cry. I felt defeated and that it was my fault for not saying to leave him with his peers in the first place. They moved him back into the 'right' class, and hopefully things will be better now, although I came home to an empty lunch box...sigh...the teachers put his bento box with all his cute stuff in someone else's bag.

My little guy cries when we leave big brother at school. He's had him all summer long. They go to the gym with me and play together, so Andrew was very upset that he couldn't stay. I hope this doesn't last too long!
On top of all this craziness, I feel we are dealing with some new discipline and relational issues with the boys...anger is coming out, selfishness, and disrespect are the hard ones to name a few. At the same moment I can hear the yelling, two minutes later the sweetness comes out. I'm no therapist, but I think growing up and understanding yourself and your emotions is hard...just plain hard. And by God's grace alone, my boys will grow up to be godly young men.
Sorry for the long post, but thanks for listening:)

 This week I threw something together rather quickly. It seems like I don't have as much time to play around some days and then Wednesday night creeps up and I have yet to do anything. I put this together this afternoon while dinner was cooking. I used the same chargers and cobalt dinner plates from last week. I even left my pottery centerpiece! I just liked the way it looked on the table. I added some salad plates my mom gave me. She bought them when she was first married. I just love the berries and flower details. I used my blue rimmed glasses and silver from my grandmother.

 The napkins were linens from my grandmother. I love the details.


Marigene said...

Very pretty, Meredith...your linens are beautiful.

Alycia Nichols said...

Talk about I'm reading your post, Diana Ross came on my computer playlist singing "God Bless the Child". Wild! I'm sorry to hear about your oldest son's bad first day. I can only imagine the frustration he felt. Moreover, I can imagine how YOU must have felt watching him go through all of that. I hope all improves with time. Meanwhile, very nice table! Glad you're able to get a little "retail merchandising therapy" to help ease the sting of the kids' growing pains! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Babs said...

Meredith, I know it's so frustrating having to watch your son trying to adjust to a new class and wanting to be in the class with his peers. Thank goodness they finally sorted it all out.With two small boys I don't know how you find time for tablescaping. I'm one of those people who can only focus on one "project" at a time. :)
How great that you can be creative for some "you" time. As far as your sons, they're so lucky to have you for their mom. I'm sure they'll grow up to be the godly men you hope they'll be.
Hugs, and have a great Labor Day.

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