Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Skillet Cauliflower mac and cheese

I blogged before about the fact that I have PCOS...it's a stupid disease that ranges in symptoms from infertility to weight gain to mood swings to insulin resistance. The worst for me is the insulin resistance which means my system doesn't digest grains and sugars like a 'normal' person's system does. I can't go on a low fat diet because I will gain weight. Breastfeeding does not melt away the pounds for me. I have to change my diet completely not just go on a diet..I can't eat whatever I want. I can't use the 'usual' diet and even exercising my butt off doesn't always help. I read an article today on the blog Mark's Daily Apple 
It's fascinating and rather annoying how quickly I can convince myself that I don't really have to watch what I eat...I can do what everyone else is doing...etc etc etc...I'm glad I read the article. I need a reminder of how serious PCOS is and how easily I can change for the better or for the worse. I loved how the guest blogger said, "I allowed myself treats from time to time but I planned them and enjoyed the hell out of them. I didn’t suddenly pack on 10 pounds if I ate something bad, because I stopped at that one thing." This is what I really need to remember!
So, in honor of New Year's Resolutions and getting healthy and actually listening to the needs of my own body and not trying to be like everyone else...I'm going to start cutting grains and sugar...allowing the occasional treat...or as one of my friends says, covering the grains with enough fat and vegetables that your body digests them easier...as in the picture. I put half the amount of macaroni and twice the amount of cauliflower. I used real cheese and lots of it. I sauteed the cauliflower in bacon fat. I also ate a small portion of this along side meat balls and sweet potatoes. So it's not even January 1, but I hate starting things, so I figured I would just do it early.


varunner said...

One of my friends also has PCOS - she really struggles with her weight as well (and she had a heck of a time conceiving - had to do lots of meds and interventions). Sounds like you have good goals for the NY. I adore cauliflower - I like it roasted and I also like it mashed like mashed potatoes.

Meredith said...

thanks...one of my friends makes a pizza crust with cauliflower...mmm
I too had to go on meds for both pregnancies, but it wasn't extreme by any means.

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