Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa Pictures and Christmas Cards

Adrian getting settled in and telling Santa all about Thomas the train and Veggie Tales!
Adrian being a little shy, Andrew definitely wanting out of Santa's lap!

Sweet boys under the tree! May your Christmas be the merriest ever!!!
Sweet boys under the tree! (this is about one of twenty!)

Adrian and I played around with this picture...he wanted 
"Christmas hats and stickers!!! Mommy!"
This is about as good as we got this year (extra hats were added on
Last year Adrian was crying and Andrew was okay with a stranger holding him...this year...the opposite. Andrew started crying the minute I put him in Santa's lap, so we quickly took a couple pictures and left. Adrian was telling Santa about Thomas the Train and Veggie Tales, but I think he was more interested in that hat.



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Elizabeth said...

Love the look on Adrian's face in that last one!

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