Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Menu

I'm always curious what people eat for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day...all over the states...all over the world. 
When I lived in Romania, we traditionally ate the best chicken soup, sarmale (cabbage rolls), pork roast and chicken, mashed potatoes, other winter vegetables, cakes, cookies, more cakes, more cookies...did I mention cakes and cookies? It was a 3 day feast and you would have cakes and cookies for visitors and carolers (who would come on Christmas eve late into the night) I went caroling with my students a couple times. I ate the Christmas feast with my husband's parents in 2001. We weren't dating in 2000 and we got married in 2002 and left in November. Our friends have gone to visit my in laws for the feast. My MIL could open a restaurant...easily. She is an amazing cook and baker.
chocolate cake (cake on the bottom with pudding, whipped cream and chocolate shavings)
Elena (my MIL) holding cozonac (cinnamon fruit and nut bread)

Strawberry Cake (cake, strawberries, jam, pudding, whipped cream!)
cornuleti (sweet rolls with walnuts and sugar or poppy seeds...I requested these...and she made 50!)

Here in South Texas, it is very common, at least in San Antonio to eat tamales for Christmas Eve, along with queso and chips, and other appetizers...at least that's how my family has been doing it for years. Christmas Day is much more traditional with turkey or pork, mashed and sweet potatoes, my great grandmother's oyster dressing, Bama's green jello salad,pecan pie, and more.

What is your family eating for the holidays?


Missy said...

Since my husband is in Afghanistan, my mom and dad came to spend the week with the boys and I here at home. We decided that we're going to make soup and hors d'oeuvres for dinner for Christmas Eve. We'll be having Chicken Tortilla soup, salsa and chips, taco dip, shrimp cocktail and stuffed mushrooms for dinner and as snacks. Christmas Lunch will be turkey. dressin' (we're from the South), green beans, sweet potatoes, 6 layer salad, pumpkin pie and raisin pie (a family favorite). Hope you have a blessed and Merry Christmas! :)

Brittany said...

Our Christmas Eve (which we now celebrate on Christmas Eve, Eve...the opening gifts part with my fam and sister and her fam and my parents) we eat boiled shrimp, corn, and potatoes! It is a nod to my mom's Mississippi roots. We usually have some tamales around, too :)
Christmas is usually some nice beef or pork roast or tenderloin. And then all of the traditional side like potatoes and veggies and loads of dessert.
Merry Christmas! I want to try all of that yummy Romanian food!!

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