Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Farm Fresh...bento and breakfast

 Both boys got the same thing and Adrian quickly threw his pretzels to his brother!
We've been out to my uncle's farm twice in the last 10 days. I took a friend with her kids and then my dad went with us yesterday. It's a nice drive and a nice respite from the city noise. We picked figs, tomatoes, apples, peppers, peaches and more. I froze 4 one gallon size bags of figs for future preserves. I need to buy jars! I plan on making candied jalapenos or pepper jelly too. It was a huge hit at our church event last week.
  The dinosaurs are made with last years fig preserves. I love canning! And the apple was picked last week.
This mommy ate toast with goat cheese and fig preserves. It's beyond heavenly. And slices of tomato I picked yesterday just can't be topped. It's so hot out there (supposed to be 103, feels like 108!), but I managed to find one more cucumber this morning in my garden. I think my cucs and beans are done...They get hard and bitter. It's almost August, so they served me well! I've had cherry tomatoes all summer, but my big varieties did nothing. Thus the trip to my uncle's house. He loves my boys and they pick for free! It's a win win all around.
Bento Lunch

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