Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Perfect Snowman

 I LOVE Christmas. 
I think it's a magical time of year. 
The history of Jesus born in a manger to save the world 
from all its sin still amazes me. 
He sent his Son to save a wretch like me.

We celebrate Christmas in all its capacity. My boys have a Jesus Advent Tree (pictured above). We read a devotional each day and hang an ornament to represent the waiting time for Jesus' birth, how each story leads us to Jesus and what he came to do.
 We also LOVE snowmen. 
I've been collecting snowmen since I was in college. I found this book at Cracker Barrel and thought it perfect for my boys. My sweet friend Lisa invited us and 100+ other people to her friends and family 45% off sale and regular priced items last night. 
We'll read it tomorrow since my boys are home with me on Fridays and eat another snowmen lunch!
The Christmas tree silicone cups were in a baking set a couple years ago, but you can still find them online. The snowglobe picks are from The ornament picks were from Target a couple years ago.

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