Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Tablescape & Bynto

 Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogging friends out there! I finally set up a table and took pictures! 
(My 3 year old is napping while I'm writing this, but I actually set it up yesterday and made dinner, changed a diaper and read stories in between all the set up!)
 I've used everything before, except the chargers. They are from Walmart, just right for fall, but I might try them for Christmas too! 
 The tablecloth is from a's Romanian linen.
I used Italian Countryside plates, red glass bowls, my mom's wedding crystal with my Marshall's goblets and my Wallace Antique bead stainless.
Just realized I didn't put the napkins on the table! That's what I get for changing diapers and making dinner while doing this!
 The centerpiece is a few mosaic hurricanes from World Market, fall greenery and red glass votive holders.
Here's a closer look at the charger...

I'm joining
Happy Thanksgiving from all my turkeys to yours!


Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Meredith! I clicked on your photos to get a really good look at the mosaic glass. Those are really, really pretty! Ill bet they give off a fabulous shimmer on the table! The color is really sexy! I'm crushin' on that linen, too. It looks so delicate! I'd be afraid to launder it! I admire you for setting up such a pretty table while caring for a little one in diapers. Heck, no big deal that you forgot the napkins. With everything you had going on, it's a wonder you didn't mistake the diapers for napkins!!! That would have been really something to see!!! :-) I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy!!!

Marlis said...

That is such a very pretty table. I say you did fabulous for multi-tasking. If I would have done that, I'm sure there would have been a diaper somewhere! Love the red. And the tablecloth is so gorgeous.. Lucky you. xo marlis

Entertaining Women said...

The linens from the
Eastern block countries always seem to be outstanding. Yours is gorgeous! I'm impressed with the lovely table and diapers, too! I seem to remember being more concerned with naps between diaper changes. Thanks for inviting is for a peak. Happy Thanksgiving! Cherry Kay

Kathleen said...

Lovely, very warm and inviting. And I love your turkey, turkey sandwich, lol, very cute!
I hope you have a wonderful Tgiving and thanks for linking to Let's Dish!

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