Monday, June 4, 2012

Homemade Pancakes and a garden update

 These were so, so good! Just when I start to feel better, my poor boys got sick again last week, and I am a Mommy first, so no, I didn't set a fancy table or post any recipes:)

  Most likely, it was a fever virus. My poor 2 1/2 year got up to 104.5, but that only lasted an hour or so, for most of the 48 hours it was around 101.  Then just when he got better, big brother came down stairs to eat and said what every Mommy doesn't want to hear after she just took care of one sickie and cleaned and cloroxed everything...Mommy, I don't feel well.  

So instead of getting to go play at the gym, (mommy work out time!), play at a friend's house (mommy adult interaction time!) and go to Sea World, we stayed home, bought a couple new DVDs--Curious George and Thomas the Train, of course. We made homemade ice cream, fresh from the garden Roasted Serrano Chipotle Salsa and slept alot. I didn't mind the three hour naps, for sure, but I HATE seeing my babies sick. Hate it.

 So when everyone felt better and wanted to eat again, I made pancakes. I usually buy Pioneer Brand Pancake Mix from my HEB. The Pioneer Mill is here in downtown San Antonio and it's good and cheap, but I didn't have any so I checked online and had all the ingredients for these. I love how fluffy they were. And pancakes or anything, for that matter, always look pretty on my JB Indies Blue china!

My garden is doing well. I pick tomatoes almost everyday because if I don't, the pesky squirrels will snatch them. I had a few large tomatoes stolen the other day. The squirrels are so heavy and climb up on the the tomatoes and broke several limbs...ergh. I hope it bounces back. I have since put up some netting to keep them out!  My cherries and juliets (grape tomatoes) are doing well.
These cucumbers are from my mom's garden. She has already made 4 batches of pickles! My eggplant won't be ready for a month, but my mom gave me this one yesterday. I can't wait to make baba ganoushi.

Do yourself a favor, if you garden, 
display your bounty in a pretty bowl on your table. 
It makes a beautiful centerpiece and let's the produce ripen naturally!
I'm joining


avalarue said...

Speaking of netting, could you bring us what you're not using so I can cover my fig tree? Yep, the squirrels go by the Almanac and they're ready to start picking! Thanks. Mom

Kathleen said...

Pretty bowl!

Anonymous said...

Wow, all of this came from your garden? I'm still waiting for tomatoes in Houston, but the lettuce flourishes.

Marigene said...

Hope the kids are feeling better...those pancakes look yummy!

Anonymous said...

Nice vegetables from your garden. I hope you have much better weather than last year and that your garden continues to give you a bountiful crop.

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