Monday, April 9, 2012

What a day...and a quiche recipe

For those of you who are still know, of young'll understand my day. My boys were rather tired from the weekend. An abundance of friends and parties, excitement and stimuli, candy, chocolate, cupcakes etc etc etc...and I even have some of the candy hid away for lunches.
They weren't too interested in getting ready and out the door this morning, so we dilly dallied and played and went to the grocery store to stock up on good for you items;), came home, ate, took naps and got up to play again.

I've been a mommy for 4 1/2 years and know without of shadow of a doubt that God watches over my boys and keeps his guardian angels rather close! They are boys, you know. 
But the funny thing is, I always think things are going to happen with the little one. Andrew walked earlier and had no fear...ever. Adrian was always cautious. Always. But he's the one who toppled down the steps a year ago and cut his forehead open. He pulled a small bookcase over on himself 6 months ago and today, the TV toppled over...just inches of him. He said his legs hurt, but the TV was mostly on the stand drawers, and barely on his feet.
Oh my poor boy, it scared the wits out of him. We moved into this house last summer and the living room had a built in TV's short, as in 6-8 inches off the ground and our flat screen sits on it. It rolls in and out, but we always keep it in. Next to it, there is a built in shelving unit for the dvd player, uverse receiver etc, and it has a drawer at the bottom that houses a lot of books and toys that I pick up off the floor.
the TV stand behind them
Andrew's usual spot..right by the TV
So, we were playing with a set of Cars 2 cars and Adrian was telling me all the names, and went through all of them and found we were missing The I asked him to look in the drawer next to the TV, no toy. So with out me asking, because we usually tell them NOT to open the drawers under the TV, he did and I'm not sure what happened next.  But when I turned around, he was on the ground, the two drawers were pulled out and the TV was on top of them. It smashed into the drawers I guess and he was right in front of them. The top of the TV touching his legs and feet. 
I'm so thankful it was a flat screen and not our ancient box upstairs that weighs a ton and would really do a lot of damage if it fell of you. I'm thankful the drawers are too low to the ground for him to have been able to have his legs underneath them when the TV fell. I'm thankful my little guy was not in his usual spot, but far away in the big chair looking at my phone and very preoccupied. I thankful Adrian knew I was there to take care of him and was all better once Mommy checked all the boo boos and we had some juice and shared a chocolate bunny.  
 My heart is full of thankfulness. 
I LOVE these boys so much! Silly mustache cupcakes and all!!
Since we had no TV, we played outside with bubbles, and colored and painted in our new Easter books, and I had time to make a quiche.

Spinach & Italian Sausage Quiche

1/2 pound of Italian Sausage
1/2 bag of spinach
chopped sun dried tomatoes
cheddar cheese, havarti and smoked gouda
4 eggs
crust (I used Pillsbury ready made)

Cook sausage until done, add spinach and saute. Add pepper and onion flakes. On top of pie crust, layer gouda and havarti. Add sausage mixture on top. Top it with cheddar cheese. Whisk eggs and milk together and add S&P. Pour over cheddar and bake at 375 until done...about 45 minutes or so. It was heavenly.

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