Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sea World with the boys

I told you I took my boys to Sea World over the weekend of New Year's Eve. I'm just now getting to these pictures because they are from my phone....horrible quality I know, but I still wanted the first memory of them there! We got passes, so I will hopefully get some better pictures in February when they reopen! 
My boys love maps!!
Sesame Street...we saw Abby, Elmo, the Count, Big Bird, Telly...



CJ said...

I love Sea World! Your pictures reminded me about how much I cherished raising my two boys (now 28 and 30), taking them to parks, fairs, etc. The world seen through the eyes of a child is such a blessing and inspiration. Thanks for joining the party. Sorry it turned out so small. I lost computer connection this weekend, and couldn't send out invites. I hope you'll join again! ~CJ

Kathleen said...

They looked like they were having a ball!

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