Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas at the Mozas

  Today I tried...tried being the operative take pictures of my boys. 
My mom gave them these beautiful wool vests from Russia. 
Glad it was 25-35 degrees this morning!! 
Here are some of the sillier ones!! I actually got a couple good ones, I'll post later!

 Where are you going???

What part of "Sit down, smile and look at mommy" do you think they didn't understand???
Did I mention they are 2 and 4???
Merry Christmas from our silly boys to you!!


Anita said...

Oh Meredith, how adorable and precious they are!!! I know all too well how difficult it is to take photos of children, lol!! The vests are such treasures too. Thanks SO much for stopping by. I am really slow these days, but always enjoy hearing from you:-)

Kathleen said...

Meredith your boys are adorable! 2 and 4, you are a busy lady! I love the vests, just precious! Enjoy those angels, they grow up so Quickly!

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