Monday, September 19, 2011

Rain Rain Rain muffin tin monday

This weekend was glorious for most of South Texas and yesterday was the icing on the cake. We had a beautiful storm last night, so this morning we are celebrating with a rainy breakfast muffin tin meal! If you noticed my last post, I am celebrating the rain with a giveaway...Stay tuned!

Toasted rain clouds, sausage mud puddles with a frog pick, golden honey nut chex, cheese rainbows and strawberry umbrellas (sort of...I don't have the cute Japanese picks I've seen, so I used swords!!)
Muffin Tin Monday at


Jessica Kok said...

cheese rainbows? tell more please!

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Looks great! And congrats on your rain - I know you all have been hurting for it!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What a perfect way to celebrate! We need rain too. Your rainbow is awesome!

Martha said...

how cute -- love the cheese rainbows!

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