Monday, September 12, 2011

Fun Fall Foods

Pumpkin Bars (before the cream cheese icing)

 I love the flavors of fall! I think I could eat a pumpkin dessert every day of the year and never grow tired of it...maybe! I didn't read the recipe very well when I prepared this. I was supposed to use a jelly roll pan, but it came out great. moist and delicious! Here's the recipe.
I plant sage and thyme in my garden, so I'll have fresh herbs for Thanksgiving.
I just love this season. I love the pumpkin and cinnamon in the candles and love seeing all the pumpkin patches come to life.

Most people don't think of salsa for fall, but it's the best way to use the end of your garden! I roasted tomatoes, jalapenos and onions in my dutch oven, added more liquid and seasoning and blended everything in my food processor before canning it. I had these fall gift bags left over from last year.

I hope your fall season is filled with scrumptious food and yummy happy memories in your kitchen and elsewhere!


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Oh yummies!! I made jalapeno jelly last night. It's so good we're going to make another batch. But I'm going to buy some latex gloves for deseeding first!

Anita said...

Meredith, all I can say is yum, yum yum!! I too love the foods, scents, ect., of fall!! I did make some fresh salsa this weekend since tomatoes are in abundance. I had a jalapeno pepper plant, but it did nothing, and my cilantro died. But, I have plenty of sage and greek oregano! Need to replant parsley, now if I can find thyme, I'll try that. Didn't think of planting it in the fall. Your photos look beautiful!!

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