Sunday, August 22, 2010

Adrian starts kids day out this's time for Bento lunches!!!

my first attempt at a bento lunch...

His bag...My boys never had anything monogrammed, but these were on clearance at a year ago and they matched the preschool backpacks I had also gotten on clearance! So glad I bought them because you have to have your bento box sit upright or it just won't work...I could actually fit two bento boxes and his water bottle (in the top compartment) in these bags. They are nicely insulated. I have some ice packs (from Evenflo, I think...leftover from bottles!) that will also fit in there to keep everything at the right temperature!
I hope Adrian enjoys his lunches as much as Mommy enjoys making them!

My 'bento' boxes...Sassy (finally found a blue one at Babies R Us!)

Train Sandwich cutters from HEB!

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