Saturday, January 30, 2010

Brothers...a sweet moment caught on film

One of Adrian's favorite things to say is..."hod dat"...meaning I want to hold that. He says this for Mommy's water glass, the spoon, the plate, the entire pan of cookies, the phone, etc...but today he was talking about his little brother. I try to explain to Adrian that Andrew is too heavy for him to hold, so I ask him to get up on the couch...and he actually does it without a fight, so he can "hod dat"...

I have been teaching Adrian the word, gentle, for what seems like forever...and holding Andrew seems to bring that word up often. As you can see from the last picture, Andrew is still smiling, so I guess Adrian was using his gentle hands today...a little in his ears, a little on his head, but he didn't poke Andrew's eyes or stick his fingers in Andrew's nose or mouth...this was a positive lesson on the word gentle:)

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