Saturday, February 23, 2008

Only in South Texas

Only in South Texas, is it sunny and 75 degrees in the middle of February. With that said, we headed off to Eisenhower Park after church on Sunday. It was a perfect day to walk and for Adrian to take a nap outside. We walked three trails, mainly because I couldn't remember the name of the one that sent you to the top to see the look out tower. You could see downtown San Antonio from where Cristian and Adrian were standing!

Adrian loves to be outside, so the better the weather, the better it is for our little family to enjoy our time together. Adrian turned 6 months old on Valentine's appropriate. He truly is our Valentine.

Right now he loves his walker that Ludee bought him. He sits/stands in it, and has discovered he can push himself backwards with his little toes!

He also loves his exersaucer. He is amazed by all the noises it can make especially when Daddy keeps pushing the buttons!!!

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