Friday, January 11, 2008

Our growing boy

At our last Dr.'s appointment, the nurse asked me if Adrian was very verbal. I quickly said yes. She asked if I read and sang to him. I mentioned that I was an English teacher before he was born and he listened to me read things like Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird several times a day for weeks!! So you could say, I read to him. I was also in the church choir before he was born, so yes I sang to him often. She said that babies who are read and sung to are often more verbal at a much younger age. Go Mom! Who knew all that reading in the classroom was helping our little boy grow before we even knew him!!!

So this is one of our first videos of Adrian having a conversation with his Daddy.

It's amazing how quickly he learns new things. I just showed Cristian today how he is watching his just 5 months old, he is learning the idea of perception and depth. It is really amazing! I'll video the laughter and humming sessions soon. Adrian has discovered that he can still make noise with his lips closed and that Mommy is really funny:) So cute!! What a joy he is!!


avalarue said...

I can't hear him "talk" with the Christmas music going in the foreground. Is there any way to turn it off?

Barbaranne said...

The best sounds in the whole world! I love baby talk! I used to pat my hand gently over Isaac's mouth when he got to making noise- unhappy noises usually, and it made a funny sound. He quickly learned to enjoy the sounds he made like that and would keep it going for a while, laughing in between!

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