Monday, January 7, 2008

Adrian Florin's Baptism

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
Adrian Florin Moza
Covenant child of Cristian and Meredith Moza

On January 6, 2008, Adrian was baptized at our church,
Redeemer Presbyterian.
It is a symbol of how we, as his parents, have dedicated him to the Lord.
We can only pray that we will be the parents that God wants us to be.
Our pastor, Tom Gibbs, baptizes Adrian.

Adrian was talking to our pastor while Tom explains our roles as parents.
At our church, the pastors and elders take the babies
and walk them around the congregation
to show everyone who these babies are.
Take a good look, Tom says, because we as a congregation
have a role in helping these parents raise their children...
to bring them to a saving knowledge of who Christ is.
We are so very thankful for our church family.

We have the privilege of going to church with our pediatrician.
He is an elder at Redeemer. We were so thankful when we knew
that his practice was accepting new patients. I cannot tell you how
reassuring it was during our first Dr.'s visit to have our pediatrician
pray over the life of our son!
You can't see him in this picture, but Dr. Fitch is standing at the pulpit
praying for each of our babies and our roles as parents,
that God would guide and direct us and that we would follow his lead.

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