Saturday, October 1, 2011

Can you see the poison ivy???

my sweet Andrew got into poison ivy or something...his arm has a rash from his wrist to elbow!
I have looked online at all the pictures and I can't seem to identify what my little boys are getting into in their yard...we have been to the park this week, but I'm pretty sure the rash came from after playing outside in OUR backyard. Do any of y'all see it? I'd love to hear your comments! If you see it, just tell me which picture!











Judy G said...

Hi Meredith--
Saw your post about poison ivy. My dad is very allergic to it, so he's taught me how to identify it, at least the kind that we get up north here. Leaves of poison ivy are in groups of three. The *key* that I've learned from my dad (and I haven't seen this mentioned on any of the websites that I just took a quick glimpse at) is that each individual leaf is asymmetrical. That is, the vein does not go down the middle exactly; also, I've seen where one side of the leaf has a jagged edge while the other has a smoother edge. If you go to this website:

The first picture shows the kind of poison ivy that I'm familiar with. You can easily see the grouping of three leaves, and the asymmetry.
Hope this helps a little! Hopefully you don't have any on your property--it's not the easiest thing to eradicate.

Marigene said...

Believe it or not, you don't have to come in contact with the poison ivy leaves to develop the rash...if someone is burning it in the area the oils from the plant can become airborne coming in contact with your son...I had no idea of this until it happened to me many years ago.

Anita said...

The first photo is the only one that looks suspicious to me. We have it here but it does not exactly look like that and it grows up trees. It does not bother me, so I don't pay very close attention. Thanks for stopping by!!

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