Monday, July 12, 2010

just need to vent

I figured out the other day that just exercising is not good enough. I mean I really figured it out when I saw a picture of myself. what was I thinking??? am I kidding myself that whatever I was doing was working. I guess so...

Sometimes it takes a while to see the truth. Unfortunately. So, not sure if anyone really reads this stuff, but here I go. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome when I was trying to get pregnant with Adrian. It's not that big of a deal, but the symptoms are horrible. One of them being it is REALLY hard to lose weight on a 'normal diet' if you have PCOS.

So after seeing some horrible pictures my mom took of me, I decided to face the truth. I need to eat a LOT less carbs and sugars, and a LOT more proteins, fats and vegetables. It's the only way a PCOSer can lose weight, because this disease plays games with your insulin levels and doesn't allow your body to get rid of the carbs you eat, so it just stores them. I lost 20 pounds the first week Andrew was born (and Adrian for that matter) and gained it back in about 4 months. It's heartbreaking and depressing to go to the gym, sweat like mad and not see results.

But there is good news, I guess. I've looked at Paleo diets, Primal Eating, low carb and high fat diets. There's still a lot I can eat, but a lot I can't. I'm trying to figure out how to manage a household of boys, including my husband, who don't have the same nutritional needs I do. I've looked at gluten free, although it still allows for a lot of carbs, so I am just tweaking things to my likings and my needs.

I had a headache the first day or so, but it has seemed to pass. I can eat as much bacon as I want (or so they say...but really I eat a slice or twice a week, maybe.) I'm going to learn how to make brisket. I am not completely eliminating carbohydrates. Even my friends who are rather strict with their primal diets, still have an every once in a while treat.

I guess I'm in the weaning stage...a pinch of bread with my salata de vinete instead of half the loaf. I'm a work in progress...we'll see how the pictures look in 6 Adrian's birthday.


Chris/Amy said...

That is rough. I hope the new way of eating works. I went gluten and dairy free for awhile and it can be expensive. Are complex carbs o.k.? I loved the book Eating Free but it does have carbs from brown rice flour and such. It is hard when the rest of your family doesn't have too. I hope it goes well.

the mozas said...

For the most part, yes...I just have to be careful...that I eat enough fat and protein to balance it choosing berries over watermelon, and when I eat a tomato, eat avocado or cheese too...make sense?
Yes, it can be expensive and it does take time to plan ahead...if I'm really in a bind, I just go buy brisket...Rudy's is far for us, but Bill Millers in right down the street, and everyone else likes brisket that helps! We went to the zoo today, and the lemonade there had sugar and I packed pb&j bc I didn't want to take meat...I actually felt weird with the sugar...only 1/2 the sandwich, but it was bread, jelly and the at least I know I feel a LOT better when I don't intake that much sugar!

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