Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday preparations

***check out the slide show above....not sure why I couldn't upload pics to blogger***
Next week my dear cousin's third child is coming to visit. I love visitors, I love hosting dinners, and I love trying these out before the actual this weekend was just for that.
My boys are still young...especially Andrew:) and I'm not sure we'll have any more children, so the hopes for a girl (not that I really have hopes) are slim to none...but I love being in the kitchen, so I want my boys to love it too. Adrian does, mostly to make messes...or what he calls making soup! (playing with mommy's pots and pans in the sink) It's usually harmless unless the 'soup' goes overboard!! He's 2 1/2, so I am trying to teach him things about the kitchen, cooking etc...this weekend in preparation for Easter, we boiled eggs, then dyed the eggs and made cupcakes. The process is a little bewildering to Adrian. He wants it now...not 25 minutes after it's boiled or cooked in the oven! The eggs boiled perfectly. I have learned to bring the water to a boil, cover the pot and turn the burner off....perfect hard boiled eggs in 25 minutes. The dye however was not too fond of brown eggs...oh well, we'll try again next Easter! The cupcakes, on the other hand were SO cute!

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