Monday, February 22, 2010

10 years

It's been 10 years since I first moved to Romania. I was trying to get there before Ski Camp. My funds were coming in and I was right at 98% funded and thus, ready to fly. I got to Romania with NO luggage. My bags came the next day, so it wasn't too bad, but it did make a very tired, jetlagged, what did I just commit to???-- young lady cry her eyes out.
I questioned my decision to move to Romania for 2 years a couple times that first week. I went to Ski Camp, got horribly sick...worst flu ever and coughed for a couple more weeks, but met some of the nicest people and my closest friends.
I didn't meet Cristian at Ski Camp...if that's what you're wondering. I met him the following week. He was a student in the Economical Engineering University and a part of Student Plus. He was friends with the only friends I had and thus, we met. It was the first night of classes...a Wednesday night and we rode back to the Centru with our mutual friend, Mircea...he had a van. I knew Mircea and Ramona from camp and they were both in Cristian's class...Upper Intermediate English. I taught Intermediate English in the room next door.
That night, I found out what Cristian studied and thought to myself (seriously I remember this...) wow he must be smart, I'll probably never have a conversation with him.
Through that first year of living in Romania I also found out that he had a great sense of humor, loved God, and was a great friend.

A year and a half later, he asked me to be his girlfriend...I figured something was up when he moved in with his aunt who lived in my neighborhood. He was finishing school and needed a place to live in the city. Every time 'the group' went out...for ice cream, a movie, a beer, a concert...he would always walk me home. I really appreciated the gesture and the conversation late in the evening when I really didn't want to walk home alone and I usually was one of the first to want to leave...Romanians stay up really late!
We were at camp, in the mountains...beautiful scenic gorges of Cheille Butii and we talked, he asked, and I said yes. A year later, in the exact same spot, sitting in the gorges of Cheille Butii looking up into the mountains, he asked me a different came with a ring and I said yes again. We've been married for 7 1/2 years and now have two beautiful boys.
I love you Cristian, love your intellect, love your humor, love your love for God and family, have always loved your eyes and have loved our adventure for the last 10 years!


Dawn said...

Awww, I loved reading this! So sweet!

Dawn said...
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the mozas said...

thanks Dawn. I wish we lived closer. I love reading your blogs...english teacher to english should be published!

Dawn said...

Wow, THANKS Mere! That is high praise coming from someone as talented as you!

You, me, Kelly, and others should compile something for ourselves! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful story

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