Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet Adrian!!!

My first set of Legos!!! Can't wait to build...

It's my birthday, so I can eat the candle too, right???

Wow, my little boy is actually TWO! He is so independent now...loves to do so much on his own, but I'm thankful he is still a sweet, affectionate little boy. Don't grow up too fast, Adrian!

Choo...Choo.... One of Adrian's favorite things is trains.
He loves when Mommy gets stopped in traffic by a train
because that means he can say choo choo and look at a real choo choo for quite a while!
Adrian's Ludee and Papa got him his first train set...he was so happy to play!!!

more Choo Choo fun!

mmmm cake!!! Chocolate Cake!!!

Pictures? I need more cake!

So happy to have my chocolate cake!!!

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